The pressures of living seem greater today than ever before and many people feel like they just cannot cope anymore. There are many situations these days (e.g., workplace stress, family and relationship problems, coping with illness, being single parent etc.) that make us feel trapped, anxious and depressed.

Sign that you or someone you care may need some help:

  • Feeling tired out for no good reason
  • Withdrawing from normal activities
  • Loss of interest/motivation
  • Disturbed sleeping
  • Overwhelming anxious feelings
  • Weight/appetite changes
  • Poor concentration
  • Feelings so sad that nothing could cheer you up
  • Loss of temper easily

There are times when you just need someone to really listen and understand your feelings, your frustation and problems. Someone who can help you to sort out some options and choose a new direction and then support you in the difficult early stages of such change.

Mediacare now subsidies psychological sessions; so you can talk to a clinical psychologist

Please call to make an appointment
for yourself or a loved one